About us

About us


ARBA SHPK is a trading company and an important point of reference for the clientele.
It covers an area of over 1500 m2. It was founded in Durrës in 1999 by Mr. Arben Dervish. The company in its beginnings was mainly devoted to the sector of door accessories and aluminum and wood windows. The company’s policy is to introduce the best quality accessories to the market the most famous European brands.  Market research over the years and development of the country very quickly in infrastructure, brought the need to expand the range of services by introducing the automation sector of doors, windows and gates and introducing new innovations such as the enterprise of manufacturing accessories for Persian shutters. During the years of activity, the company also enjoys partnerships many with well-known firms such as ISEO AGB PRODUCTA OMEC LAVAAL APRIMATIC and
many other brands. Our company located in an ideal position related to the countries
neighbors quite easily, has enabled the extension of the services we offer outside the borders as in Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. ARBA always appears in the market with innovations, innovations and new projects diversifying every day the range of services and the variety of choosing the ideal product that meets every need that the market has. Our company philosophy is to set standards in the provision of the products we offer.

  • Accessories for doors and windows
  • Accessories for Persian shutters
  • Gaskets for doors, windows and facades
  • Automation
About us


All the accessories we offer come from our company’s offices with our Italian partners. Our objective is to ensure maximum quality in the products we offer, so we have taken care to bring the best quality brands to the European market to provide you with a guarantee on every product we offer.

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